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Masterclass: Small Ball & Sitfit Masterclass with Anula Maiberg

New this month! • 42m

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  • Shorter Workout: Stretch Sequences wi...

    Lengthen and strengthen your body with these active, dynamic stretch sequences from Paul - perfect to do at the beginning or end of a longer workout.

    With thanks to Hannah Cable & Heidi Monsen

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his spine. He ...

  • Longer Workout: The Big Ball Challeng...

    This flowing and fun workout with Kate uses the big ball (physio ball) to challenge stability and strength - be prepared for lots of bouncing and giggles along the way... and even some seated Star Jumps!

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia and Sylwia Foryss

    Kate has been teaching Pilates for over 1...

  • Short Workout: Abdominal and Hip Flex...

    This short workout with Kathy focuses in on the abdominals and hips and challenges strength and control. It can be done as part of a wider, balanced workout or on its own as a quick 'top-up' for these specific areas.

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia

    Kathy is a London-based Body Control Pilates t...

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