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Longer Workout: Pilates for the Older Client - Workout 3

New this month! • 26m

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  • Longer Workouts: Standing Exercises w...

    This workout with Conchita takes you through a series of fun and functional exercises in standing, using a resistance band for added challenge and feedback.

    The class uses a light resistance band. These are available from Sissel UK - you will need a yellow band:

  • Short Workout: Beyond Core - Trunk St...

    This short workout with Nathan is packed full of great challenges and exercises which work all of the muscles of the trunk, not just the often over-emphasised abdominals!

    The session contains a lot of technical detail so is ideal for Pilates teachers who teach on the Reformer, as well as regula...

  • Short Workout: Evening Class in Sitti...

    This short workout with Philippa is designed to help you unwind and release tension at the end of the day, thereby promoting better relaxation and sleep.

    The exercises can all be carried out either in standing or sitting and there is no equipment required.

    With thanks to Ai Lin Tong and Chiar...