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Tutorial: Spirals in the Body with Cameron Angus

New this month! • 34m

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  • Longer Workout: Building Back-line St...

    This Matwork class with Paul focuses on strengthening the back line of the upper and lower body, through working in extension.

    With thanks to Hannah Cable & Heidi Monsen

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his spine. He had previously spent 1...

  • Longer Workout: Pilates for the Older...

    This class with Lynne and Sarah is designed for the 'more mature' client and pays particular focus to mobilising and strengthening joints and muscles and working on balance and co-ordination.

    You will need a long, low/medium strength resistance band for this workout (available from Sissel UK - h...

  • Longer Workouts: Standing Exercises w...

    This workout with Conchita takes you through a series of fun and functional exercises in standing, using a resistance band for added challenge and feedback.

    The class uses a light resistance band. These are available from Sissel UK - you will need a yellow band:

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