WORKSHOP - Plantar Fasciitis with Ian Sadler

WORKSHOP - Plantar Fasciitis with Ian Sadler

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In this workshop (which was filmed at the Body Control Pilates Centre in London in January 2020), Ian explores the common musculoskeletal condition, plantar fasciitis.

With over 40 different types of heel pain being commonly diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, you will almost certainly have come across the condition in your clients. To help successfully resolve this condition, however, you must understand what tissue is involved, how it functions and where it may have 'failed' to cause pain! These conditions too often get 'lumped in together', so the wrong treatment advice is offered to the wrong person. Simple solutions and healthy movement of the foot and lower limb is often all that is required to get the condition under control (plus a little patience) so, in that context, Ian explores what works - and what doesn’t - when dealing with heel pain.

Particular focus is paid to:
• How the foot and lower limb function, and what is required of the plantar fascia
• The differentiation of short- and long-term problems
• Identifying which of the over 40 heel pains you are dealing with
• Rehabilitation exercises that work once you know what you are dealing with

Ian (BSc Hons, Ch(DPodM) MSCP) is a specialist podiatrist. He spent five years as a battlefield medic in the British Army working in Elite and Special Forces, where he became experienced in treating lower limb injuries in many fields of operation. After completing a degree in medicine for the lower limb (Podiatry), Ian worked in the NHS and subsequently with the UK’s leading biomechanics technologies company as its principal clinician and orthotics consultant. Here he helped pioneer the use of gait analysis technologies, and specifically the interpretation of foot pressure and video imaging. Ian now runs a private biomechanics and gait analysis clinic in Norwich, Norfolk. He lectures on biomechanics and gait analysis, both in local academic institutions and worldwide. As a consultant to several orthotic and international training footwear manufacturers, he helps to ensure that trainers and orthotics ‘do what they say on the tin’. His real passion, however, is helping to improve the quality of life for those 80% of the population suffering as a result of poor lower limb biomechanics.

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WORKSHOP - Plantar Fasciitis with Ian Sadler