Public Classes (for every level)

Public Classes (for every level)

Welcome to our collection of videos for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels. More are being added every month so, when you need to take some time out for yourself, just log on, follow a class, and enjoy the benefits that only Pilates can give you.

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Public Classes (for every level)
  • Welcome to our Public Classes Collection with Lynne Robinson

    Body Control Pilates founder and director, Lynne Robinson, welcomes you to our 'Public Classes' collection, where you will find easy-to-follow workouts suitable for every level.

    Lynne talks you through what to expect from the classes and also which pieces of small equipment you may come across ...

  • The Fundamentals of Pilates

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia.

  • Shorter Workouts: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Balanced Shorts - Workout 1

    In the first of their series of short workouts, Lynne & Sarah prove you don’t need an hour to get a balanced workout! Perfect for those with busy schedules, the flowing exercises in this class cover the 4 main types of movement (flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion) needed to ensure y...

  • Longer Workouts: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Core with More with Paul Howse

    This 'Core with More' class with Paul is all about matwork moves with a few extra challenges tagged on to help you to keep progressing and challenging yourself!

    With thanks to Hannah Cable & Heidi Monsen

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his sp...

  • Shorter Workouts: BEGINNER LEVEL - Spinal Stability & Mobility Workout with Kate

    A gentle, beginner-level Matwork workout which is focused on the stability and mobility of the trunk, with easy-to-follow exercises and progressions in a range of positions.

    Thanks to Harriet Heath & Penny Brian

    Kate has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years. She is a Matwork course t...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Foot-focused Matwork with Brenda

    Brenda takes us through a Matwork class which, as the title suggests, focuses on our feet!

    Brenda looks at how our foot alignment affects how we move through the rest of our body, particularly our ankles and knees, and how changing out of a standard 'parallel position' can challenge our movemen...

  • Shorter Workouts: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Mobility Combo with Matt Marney

    This short workout focuses on getting your body moving and on mobilising your joints. Matt looks at a selection of the Matwork exercises we all know and love and how we can put them together to create combinations which give you that extra bit of a challenge!

    Thanks to Emma-Jayne Rushby & K...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - Daily Pilates - Workout 1 with Lynne & Sarah

    Enjoy this fun, balanced workout from Lynne and Sarah which is designed to give you all you need for your daily Pilates practice!

    Lynne is co-founder and director of Body Control Pilates Education (for whom she lectures on training courses for new teachers and on specialist courses for qualifi...

  • Shorter Workouts: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Standing Pilates with Kathy King

    Feel the support of the ground up through the legs in this vertical workout. After articulating the feet and aligning the ankles, knees, hips and spine, Kathy will focus on challenging your balance, as you take the spine through a range of movements.

    Thanks to Harriet Heath

    Kathy is a Lon...

  • Longer Workout: ADVANCED LEVEL - Advanced Mat Workout with Sarah-Louise Warden

    Join Sarah for an dynamic and flowing advanced level workout on the mat. You will need a resistance band and small ball (overball) for this class.

    As this is an advanced class, please be aware of your own body and limitations - there is a lot of knee flexion so please alter or avoid any exercis...

  • Short Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - Pilates at your Desk - Workout 1 with Lynne

    Join Lynne as she takes you through a balanced, seated workout you can do whilst at your there's no excuses not to build some Pilates into your day!

    With thanks to Hayley Parry

    Lynne is co-founder and director of Body Control Pilates Education (for whom she lectures on training...

  • Longer Workouts: BEGINNER LEVEL- Wake Up! (It's a Beautiful Morning) with Rachel

    Wake up with Rachel! This gentle, 30 minute warm-up class has been designed to do first thing in the morning, to help get your joints moving and to prepare your mind and body for the day ahead. Any day which starts with Pilates is a good day!

    With thanks to Carole LeBlonde and Sylwia Foryss....

  • Shorter Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - A Moment of Mindfulness with Pauline Lockhart

    Mindfulness is a technique which allows you to bring your attention to the present moment, to what is going on both inside and outside the body, without allowing yourself to become stressed or overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions. It allows us to learn how to deal with any thoughts which appear an...

  • Longer Workout: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - A Class for your Spine with Paul Howse

    It's time to move your spine with Paul as he takes you through a range of exercises designed to take your spine through a range of movements and planes.

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his spine. He had previously spent 15 years as an engineer, ...

  • Shorter Workout: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Pilates in your Chair - Workout 1

    This balanced workout with Lynne and Sarah is designed to be performed in a seated position - perfect for older clients who struggle with standing for long periods but who are looking to maintain flexibility and strength or for those who are confined to a chair for health reasons.

    You will need ...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Matwork Preparations with Sally

    We're delighted to welcome Sally to Body Control Pilates Central!

    In her first video, Sally teaches a slow and controlled mat class, which includes exercises from the 'Classical Mat' repertoire which have been modified for a beginner client. This includes preparations for exercises such as The ...

  • Shorter Workouts: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Twists and Bends with Melanie Christou

    Join Melanie for an intermediate class where you get to explore creative ways of adding more spine rotation, and lateral flexion to a mat routine. After a brief warm up, you will be gradually led through more challenging and multi-directional movements.

    With thanks to Freya Field

    Melanie is...

  • Longer Workout: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Intermediate Mat Inspiration with Kate

    This intermediate level Mat class with Kate explores variations and progressions of popular Pilates Matwork exercises, with an aim to helping you to prepare your body for more advanced work and challenges.

    Thanks to Hannah Garcia and Sylwia Forys

    Kate has been teaching Pilates for over 10 ye...

  • Shorter Workouts: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL - Working on the Mat with Paul

    In this short workout, Paul takes things 'back to the mat' with a flowing class designed to take you through a range of movements and start positions and to leave your body feeling balanced and strong!

    With thanks to Jazzi Craddock & Sally Foster

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 aft...

  • Longer Workout: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Mixed Level Flow with Kathy King

    This flowing workout with Kathy takes you through all the different Pilates positions, starting in standing and then moving onto the floor for kneeling, side-lying and more. The focus is on keeping the breath fluid and centre connected.

    No equipment is needed for this class.

    With thanks to C...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - Easy like Sunday Morning with Christie

    This mat class with Christie is designed to unravel and unwind you with a focus on mobilising and lengthening, leaving you with that relaxed Sunday morning feeling!

    You will not need any equipment for this class.

    Added June 2023

    Christie graduated from the College of the Royal Academy of...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - Pilates before & during the Menopause

    This workout with Lynne and Sarah looks at how Pilates can help support women through the peri-menopause and menopause, primarily through aiding relaxation, keeping joints mobilised and strong and by focusing on adding tone to key areas of the body.

    Lynne is co-founder and director of Body Cont...

  • Longer Workout: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Breathing for Relaxation & Mobility

    In her latest class, Conchita looks at different methods of breathing and how we can combine our breathing pattern with movement to help facilitate and enhance relaxation and mobility.

    With thanks to Carolina Moura Freitas

    Conchita started training in Pilates in 1972 with Dreas Reyneke and A...

  • Longer Workout: BEGINNER LEVEL - Pilates for Relaxation with Lynne Robinson

    This workout with Lynne focuses on promoting relaxation through breathing techniques and exercises designed to release unwanted tension around our joints. It is perfect to do before bedtime or if you feel the need to unwind!

    With thanks to Hayley Parry

    Lynne is co-founder and director of...