New in February!

New in February!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New in February!
  • Longer Workout: Small Props Routine with Valentina Fruzzetti

    In this flowing workout, Valentina brings some of her favourite pieces of small Pilates equipment to her matwork routine, in order to challenge stability & mobility, and add resistance & variety.

    You will need a stretch band, foam roller and toning (magic) circle for this class - all of these it...

  • Masterclass: Move your Ribs with Kathy King

    This mat masterclass with Kathy focuses on mobilising the ribs, allowing you to breathe and move more freely.

    You will need a yoga block or two, and also an overball/triadball for this class (or a rolled up bath towel will do!).

    With thanks to Mahassen Taher and Stacey Keating

    Added Februa...

  • Tutorial: Spirals through the Lower Limbs - Part 1 with Cameron Angus

    Following on from his previous sessions looking at the importance of spiralling movements through the upper limbs, Cameron now moves his attention to the lower extremities!

    Cameron takes exercises from the Pilates Matwork repertoire which we all know and love and then adds a new dimension to th...

  • Masterclass: Reformer Work for the Upper Body with Tom McCook

    Tom takes us through a Reformer masterclass focused primarily on the upper body and shoulder girdle, but making sure the whole body joins in the fun for a full, balanced workout.

    This masterclass uses Balanced Body Allegro Reformers - visit for details.

    With thanks to April G...

  • Tutorial: Older Shoulders with Kyle Blackburn

    What happens to our shoulders as we get older which makes it trickier to lift our arms up over our heads? Kyle looks at which muscles and joints are at play and why this can happen....and whether it's worth worrying about!

    With thanks to Sarah Clennell

    Added February 2024

    Kyle is very well...

  • Shorter Workout: A Moment of Mindfulness with Dr Pauline Lockhart

    Mindfulness is a technique which allows you to bring your attention to the present moment, to what is going on both inside and outside the body, without allowing yourself to become stressed or overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions. It allows us to learn how to deal with any thoughts which appear an...