New in November!

New in November!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New in November!
  • Masterclass: A Taster of the Toning Circle with Kate Hodder

    This masterclass with Kate was first taught at the Body Control Pilates 2022 Development Weekend conference.

    Kate takes you through a flowing class using the toning circle (magic circle) and looks at how this versatile piece of small equipment can help you to find better connection and alignmen...

  • Masterclass: Movement Foundations with Tom McCook

    We are so delighted to have Tom McCook back with us on Body Control Pilates Central.

    This Movement Foundations masterclass is designed to help you move better and feel better with both Pilates Matwork and the Franklin Method exercises and techniques.

    Tom takes us through an effective approach...

  • Longer Workout: Pregnancy Pilates for Beginners with Sarah-Louise Warden

    This Pregnancy Pilates class with Sarah-Louise focuses on gentle movements which will help you to improve your breathing and alignment throughout pregnancy.

    Please ensure you have medical clearance to exercise before following this class.

    With thanks to Sophie Cracknell

    Sarah was a dancer ...

  • Shorter Workout: Intermediate Express with Melanie Christou

    This short workout with Melanie is perfect for when you are short of time but in need of movement!

    Melanie takes you through a balanced, flowing class which should leave you feeling energised and raring to go for the rest of the day!

    The class is intermediate level so aimed at people who hav...

  • Tutorial: Working with Scoliosis Clients with Louise Tallis

    Join physiotherapist and Pilates teacher, Louise Tallis, as she discusses the key considerations and best approaches to adopt when working with Scoliosis clients.

    With thanks to Danai Pappa

    Louise graduated from Brunel University as a physiotherapist in 2004 and has since held a number of se...

  • Longer Workout: Mixed Level Flow with Kathy King

    This flowing workout with Kathy takes you through all the different Pilates positions, starting in standing and then moving onto the floor for kneeling, side-lying and more. The focus is on keeping the breath fluid and centre connected.

    No equipment is needed for this class.

    With thanks to C...