New this month!

New this month!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central...we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New this month!
  • Shorter Workout: The Vital Breath - Breath Awareness Class with Jo

    In this short class, Jo brings our attention to our breath and talks us through different techniques which can help optimise our breathing patterns and, in turn, our overall wellbeing. Make sure you have a straw and a balloon at the ready (also handy for parties!)!

    With thanks to Chiara Favar...

  • Shorter Workout: Wake Up and Warm Up with Philippa Satchwell

    Start the day in the best possible way with this 'Wake Up and Warm Up' workout from Philippa, which includes standing and seated exercises designed to energise your body and mind for the day ahead!

    With thanks to Ai Lin Tong and Chiara Favaretti

    Philippa is a Chartered Physiotherapist with m...

  • Shorter Workout: Meditation for Integrating your Body & Practice

    Join Zach as he takes you through a short meditation designed to do before you begin your Pilates practice in order to fully connect and integrate the mind and body.

    Integrating 15 years of interdisciplinary bodywork, yoga, and anatomy studies, Zachery Dacuk developed the Conscious Embodiment ...

  • Longer Workout: Matwork Preparations with Sally Derbyshire

    We're delighted to welcome Sally to Body Control Pilates Central!

    In her first video, Sally teaches a slow and controlled mat class, which includes exercises from the 'Classical Mat' repertoire which have been modified for a beginner client. This includes preparations for exercises such as The ...

  • Longer Workout: Pilates before & during the Menopause with Lynne & Sarah

    This workout with Lynne and Sarah looks at how Pilates can help support women through the peri-menopause and menopause, primarily through aiding relaxation, keeping joints mobilised and strong and by focusing on adding tone to key areas of the body.

    Lynne is co-founder and director of Body Cont...

  • Tutorial: Lumbar Spine Connection and Mobility with Cameron Angus

    In this workshop tutorial, Cameron looks at how we can improve connection and mobility through the lumbar spine, by working on our flexion and extension and gaining true 'core stability'.

    With thanks to Chiara Favaretti

    Cameron is renowned for creating great ways to get people well through...

  • Masterclass: Athletic Reformer Class with Kristi Chaussard

    Not for the faint-hearted...welcome to this Athletic Reformer workout with Kristi!

    This flowing, fast-paced and dynamic class is designed to get your body moving freely and challenge your strength and stamina.

    Kristi is an international Balanced Body Method Certified Pilates Instructor, affi...

  • Masterclass: Alignment, Flexibility and Stability with Kathy Corey

    Welcome to this masterclass with master teacher, Kathy Corey, which looks at alignment, flexibility and stability.

    We all have a tighter, more stable side of the body and a freer, more flexible side. This class looks to redress the balance by creating greater symmetry through breath and movemen...

  • Masterclass: Working Ways with the WundaBand with Miranda Bass

    In this masterclass, Miranda introduces us to different ways of working with the WundaBand (resistance band) and looks at how it can help when maintaining certain positions (such as a C-Curve), finding opposition and learning to work against resistance (to replicate working on the Studio Equipmen...

  • The Coaching Series - Observation & Interventions with Lynne

    In the third video of this series, Lynne talks about how we can use our observations to understand more about our clients and to make decisions on how to act. She discusses when we should use our observations to intervene and when it is best to stand back!

    Make sure you have a pen and paper at ...