New in May!

New in May!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New in May!
  • Shorter Workout: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Standing Warm-up with Paul Howse

    This short session in standing with Paul is designed as an introduction and warm-up to a balanced workout, perfect for opening up the body and getting your joints ready to move.

    You do not need any equipment for this class.

    With thanks to Ashia Ekwealor

    Added May 2024

    Paul began practisin...

  • Masterclass: Pregnancy Pilates for Beginners with Sarah-Louise Warden

    This pregnancy masterclass with Sarah is designed for beginner-level clients, and explores the movements that can help to support pregnant women in feeling more connected to their changing body.

    This class uses a large physio ball and a resistance band - these are available to purchase from Sis...

  • Longer Workout: Flowing Beginner Reformer Routine with Sasha Davis

    This Reformer routine with Sasha draws on her decades of Pilates and dance experience, and focuses on flow and gentle movements using light spring settings.

    With thanks to Heidi Monsen and Hernan Castro-Vidal

    Added May 2024

    Sasha Davis has been teaching Pilates for more than 30 years and h...

  • Masterclass: Gentle Seated & Standing Routines with Dr Pauline Lockhart

    Join Dr Pauline Lockhart as she takes you through a series of gentle Pilates exercises and movements, in both seated and standing positions, which are suitable for a wide range of clients.

    This class draws on exercises covered in the Body Control Pilates 'Older Person' course.

    With thanks to...

  • Masterclass: EXO Chair Class with Maria Earle

    The EXO Chair (Low Chair) is a fantastic piece of Studio equipment, designed to challenge and support your whole body during your Pilates workout.

    In this masterclass, Maria takes you through the set up of the Chair and a series of her favourite exercises, put together to create a balanced rout...

  • Longer Workout: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Side Body Sequences with Kathy King

    This flowing routine with Kathy provides you with a balanced mat workout, with a focus on the sides of the body. Starting in standing, you will then move onto the mat and back up again to finish on your feet, ready for the rest of your day!

    You do not need any equipment for this class.

    With ...