New this month!

New this month!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New this month!
  • Tutorial: The Fearless Spine with Cameron Angus

    In what is part tutorial and part class, Cameron will look at overcoming the fear of movement that many people with back and spinal conditions may have. He will explore which Pilates exercises can be of particular help and also look at how important language can be in supporting and progressing s...

  • Masterclass: Pilates Fascia Class with Birthe Brosolat

    We are delighted to welcome Birthe back to Body Control Pilates Central with this masterclass filmed in Copenhagen during lockdown earlier this year.

    In this energising class, Birthe uses a range of small props to relax the muscles, improve muscle tone, and to work on the elasticity of the fas...

  • Spotlight on… The Joe Story with John Steel (as told in 'The Caged Lion')

    Join John Steel for a unique insight into the public and private lives of Joseph and Clara Pilates. This is an edited recording of a talk John gave to Body Control Pilates teachers during one of the lockdowns in 2020 upon the publication of his book about Joe: 'The Caged Lion'. He not only descri...

  • Masterclass: Challenging Matwork Class with Kate Hodder

    Join Kate for this matwork class with a focus on the upper body. She will include a number of progressions for some exercises, so please remember to work at your own level.

    Kate has been teaching Pilates for well over 10 years. She is a Matwork course tutor for Body Control Pilates and teaches ...

  • Shorter Workout: Balanced Mat Workout with Valentina Fruzzetti

    Valentina returns to Central with this revitalising mat-based workout.

    Valentina qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2016 and has since gone on to gain her Pilates Matwork Master and Reformer certifications. As well As being a Pilates teacher, she is a professional dancer, dance teacher and ...

  • Masterclass: The Effect of Movement on the Thoraco-Lumbar Junction

    Following on from her previous exploration of the Thoraco-Lumbar Junction, Jacquie now looks at the effect that movement of the shoulders, hips and spine have on the TLJ.

    Jacquie celebrated 20 years of teaching Body Control Pilates in February 2019. Having qualified with The London College of D...

  • Masterclass: Matwork Masterclass with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

    Time for more fun on the mat with Michael and Ton in this matwork masterclass!

    With thanks to Chiara Favaretti and Hannah Garcia

    Michael and Ton are internationally recognised Pilates Master Teachers, presenters, educators, consultants, and innovators. They both worked with Romana Kryzanowska...

  • Longer Workout: A Class for your Spine with Paul Howse

    It's time to move your spine with Paul as he takes you through a range of exercises designed to take your spine through a range of movements and planes.

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his spine. He had previously spent 15 years as an engineer, ...

  • Shorter Workout: Pilates in your Chair – Workout 2 with Lynne & Sarah

    Join Lynne and Sarah for another short workout featuring a number of seated exercises. Lynne uses a Pilates overball and a long stretch band (light resistance).

    The accessories used in this workout can be purchased from Sissel UK at

    Lynne is co-founder and director of Body C...

  • Longer Workout: Pilates Flow with Simone Halfpenny

    Simone will take you through a flowing mat session with a particular focus on the breath and on movement.

    Simone was born in Zimbabwe and came to London to train as a ballet dancer. She danced for Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet for 9 years before moving to Cape Town City Ballet where she danced for...