New in January!

New in January!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New in January!
  • Masterclass: Pilates for Runners - Part 1 with Duncan Orrock

    It's great to welcome Duncan back to Body Control Pilates Central with the first of 2 masterclasses looking at how Pilates can help runners (the second session will be added to Body Control Pilates Central in February 2022).

    This first session is primarily focused on balance work, challenging st...

  • Tutorial: Mindful Movement with Cameron Angus

    This new session with Cameron looks at what we feel when we move and how to develop an awareness of the experience our clients may have throughout a Pilates class. This is often referred to as 'somatics'.

    Whilst taking us through Pilates exercises we are familiar with, Cameron
    guides our explo...

  • Masterclass: Add a Twist with Georgie Sayer

    In this masterclass, Georgie takes a closer look at 6 of our favourite Pilates exercises which are usually performed solely in the sagittal plane and adds an additional plane of movement on top to create a greater challenge.

    You will need a toning (magic) circle for this class.

    Thanks to La...

  • Shorter Workout: Breathing for Hypermobile/PoTS Clients with Lorna Nicholson

    This short class with Lorna looks at how Pilates can help to improve breathing in clients with hypermobility and/or PoTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome).

    With thanks to Jacquie Biggs

    Lorna has been a registered nurse for 25 years and currently works part-time as an advanced nurse practitione...

  • Shorter Workout: Spinal Flow with Kathy King

    Join Kathy for a short flowing mat workout which will move your spine in all the right places whilst never having to leave the floor!

    Kathy is a London-based Body Control Pilates teacher. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates teacher training team on both the Matwork Certification Course...

  • Masterclass: Advanced Flow with Sarah-Louise Warden

    Join Sarah for a fun and fast-flowing advanced mat workout!

    Please take care if you have any knee injuries.

    Props needed are a medium-resistance band and small ball (overball) - these are available to purchase from

    With thanks to Chiara Favaretti

    Sarah was a dancer in We...