New this month!

New this month!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central... we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New this month!
  • Spotlight On.... A Visit with Mary Bowen

    SUBSCRIBER 'THANK YOU' BONUS! You have free access to this video until January 1st 2021. After this date it will become a Premium product that must be purchased to view.

    This is a recording of a talk given on Zoom by Mary to over 100 Body Control Pilates teachers, two months into the UK's first...

  • Tutorial: Neural Flossing and Nerve Mobilisation with Cameron Angus

    Cameron discusses the importance of keeping neural pathways healthy to achieve optimal movement, and explains how gentle exercise can release irritated nerves, including the sciatic and femoral nerves.

    Cameron is renowned for creating great ways to get people well through movement and positive...

  • Masterclass: Wunda Chair Workout with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

    Join Michael and Ton for a balanced class on the Wunda Chair that works all parts of the body from the feet upwards! Apologies for the slightly squeaky Chair at the start!
    We are using Exo Chairs from Balanced Body - more details at

    With thanks to Chiara Favaretti and Hannah G...

  • Masterclass: Reformer Energy Flow with Bridget Montague

    Bridget takes you through an intermediate level Reformer class which focusses on energising the body through flowing movements.
    She is working with the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer - please visit for more details.

    Bridget Montague has been teaching Pilates since 2001. Her ca...

  • Jacquie Sunley The Thoraco-Lumbar Junction: Part 1

    Jacquie explores the role of the Thoraco-Lumbar Junction, located between T12-L1. However, by extending this diamond-shaped bodily geographic region, she feels it is a ‘Crossrail’ for the following musculo-skeletal structures and Fascial Lines listed below and the movements that are made by them...

  • Masterclass: Complete Body Band Class with Conchita del Campo

    The class uses a light resistance band. These are available from Sissel UK - you will need a yellow band:

    With thanks to James Ayliffe and Maria de Sousa

    Conchita started training in Pilates in 1972 with Dreas Reyneke and Alan ...

  • Longer Workout: Seated Pilates and Barre Prep with Valentina Fruzzetti

    Valentina will take you through a seated Pilates routine that is also a prep for Barre Pilates. There is some standing foot work that is the first part of the barre workout - this is a great introduction for those with no previous ballet or barre experience.

    Valentina qualified with Body Contro...

  • Longer Workouts: Small Ball Workout with Paul Howse

    Join Paul as he takes you through a range of standing and mat exercises using the Triadball (you can also use a Pilates Overball)
    Triadballs are available from Body Control Pilates
    Overballs are available from Sissel UK at

    Paul began practising Pilates in...

  • Longer Workout: Pilates for the Older Client - Workout 4

    Lynne and Sarah will take you through some fun variations on the mat and standing in a workout that is suitable for everyone, particularly more mature Pilates enthusiasts. You will need head cushions and a long (2m) stretch band with whatever resistance you are comfortable with.
    Bands are availab...

  • Longer Workout: Dynamic Flowing Class with Simone Halfpenny

    Simone takes you through a dynamic class starting in standing and then moving down onto the mat.

    Simone was born in Zimbabwe and came to London to train as a ballet dancer. She ended up dancing for Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet for 9 years before moving to Cape Town City Ballet where she danced fo...