New this month!

New this month!

Each month, we will be uploading new Masterclasses, Workouts and Tutorials/Workshops to Body Control Pilates Central...we will email you each month when the new upload is live!

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New this month!
  • Tutorial: Facet Joint Arthropathy with Kyle Blackburn

    'Osteoarthrosis is not a disease - it is an expression of the morphological consequences of stresses applied to the facet joints during life. The changes are concentrated in regions subject to the greatest and most repeated stress.'

    In this practical tutorial, Kyle looks at facet joint arthropat...

  • Masterclass: Standing Pilates Masterclass with Kathy Corey

    Join Pilates Master Teacher, Kathy Corey, as she looks at the importance of standing exercises in Pilates mat and how traditional, floor-based exercises can be transferred to an upright position in order to challenge our balance, stability, flexibility and strength.

    Thanks to Hannah Garcia, H...

  • Masterclass: Cadillac to Mat with Sarah-Louise Warden

    In this masterclass, Sarah looks at how you can transfer exercises which are traditionally performed on the Cadillac or Tower onto the Mat with the use of small, portable props (such as a foam roller and resistance band).

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia

    Sarah was a dancer in West End shows with...

  • Masterclass: Bringing in the Ball & Band with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

    In this dynamic masterclass, Michael and Ton bring in small props, namely the triadball and a resistance band, and look at how they can offer support, feedback and challenge in mat-based classes.

    With thanks to Ai Lin Tong and Zoe Fairlamb

    Michael and Ton are internationally recognised Pilat...

  • The Essentials Collection: Workout 14 with Lynne Cavanagh-Cole

    In this short Matwork class, Lynne looks at the following exercises in detail:

    1) Relaxation Position with ABCs
    2) Knee Folds
    3) Ribcage Closure
    4) Spine Curls
    5) Curls Ups
    6) Hip Rolls
    7) Single Leg Stretch - Stage 3
    8) Oyster
    9) Dart
    10) The Cat
    11) Standing Side Reach

    With thanks to Danai...

  • Longer Workout: Balanced Band Workout with Kate Hodder

    Join Kate for a balanced, fun and flowing mat workout using the ever-popular resistance bands!

    For this class, you will need a lighter, long resistance band and a shorter, medium resistance band. Bands can be purchased from Sissel UK -


  • Shorter Workout: Functional Footwork on the Reformer with Nathan Gardner

    In this short workout, Nathan takes you through a Reformer session which concentrates on functional variations of the traditional footwork exercises.

    The Reformer used in this class is a Balanced Body Allegro 2 - for more details, visit

  • Shorter Workouts: Movements for Digestive Health on the Mat with Rachel

    This short mat workout with Rachel looks at how Pilates exercises can help to improve our digestion, by opening out the front of the body and focusing on release, thereby relieving the pressure on our abdominal organs and digestive system.

    With thanks to Carole LeBlonde.

    In 2002, Rachel was ...

  • Shorter Workout: Pilates for the Older Client - Strength & Balance

    When working with older clients, it is important we focus on a number of key areas, including building strength, building bone density, increasing flexibility, maintaining joint mobility and maintaining good balance and it's great to have a bit of fun and to add a challenge t...

  • The Coaching Series: Fear with Lynne Cavanagh-Cole

    In the second video of 'The Coaching Series', Lynne looks at 'fear' and whether fear that affects us is based on past experiences and/or future assumptions and how it can hold us back.

    Make sure you have a pen and paper at the ready to jot down your thoughts as you go along!

    Originally from...