Healthy Backs

Healthy Backs

More than 80% of the adult population suffer from low back pain at some time in their life. It is one of the most common reasons why people take time off work, and may be distressing and frustrating as quality of life often suffers.

These 'Healthy Backs' videos give you gentle, balanced workouts with the focus on strengthening the core abdominals that do so much to support your back, improve the quality of your movements and keep your spine flexible and strong. We also have videos which give you the theory behind the exercises and information on why movement is so crucial when it comes to combatting back pain.

All 'Healthy Backs' videos are presented by either Level 4 Low Back Pain specialist instructors or qualified physiotherapists/physicians.

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Healthy Backs
  • Masterclass: Exploration of Spinal Rotation & Counter Rotation with Jenny Tyler

    We are delighted to welcome Jenny to Body Control Pilates Central with her first masterclass.

    This masterclass looks at spinal rotation as an active movement and the ability to work against rotation using resistance.

    With thanks to Nicole Davis

    Jenny qualified as a physiotherapist fr...

  • Masterclass: Strengthening the Spine with Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

    This masterclass with Michael and Ton looks at exercises and sequences which are designed for strengthening the muscles around the spine by working through all planes of movement.

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia & Nadia Dahlawi

    Michael and Ton are internationally recognised Pilates Master T...

  • Shorter Workouts: Healthy Backs – Find your Sitting Bones with Annie

    This is the third workout in our 'Healthy Backs' series with Annie Turner.

    In this class, Annie continues by helping you to find your 'sitting bones' and looking at how awareness of this area can help you exercise in the right way.

    These exercises are specifically designed for clients who ...

  • Tutorial: Fearless Spine - Part One with Cameron Angus

    This workshop with Cameron recognises that when we are working with clients, we are dealing with far more just biomechanics. Individuals are made up of a mixture of body, mind, thoughts, beliefs and more...and all of these must be taken into consideration.

    Pilates is fantastic for helping cli...

  • Shorter Workouts: Healthy Backs Series - Front to the Floor with Annie Turner

    This is the second in our 'Healthy Backs' series of short workouts. In this class, Annie continues by exploring the fundamentals of Pilates and two new starting positions - prone (lying on our fronts) and then four point kneeling (on our hands and knees). These exercises are specifically designed...

  • Tutorial: Lumbar Spine Anatomy & Potential Sources of Pain with Kyle Blackburn

    Pens and paper at the ready! In this theory session, Kyle guides you through the mechanics of the lumbar spine, in particular the discs, and looks at why this perfect structure can sometimes go wrong.

    If you have any questions which arise from this session, please feel free to email them to bc...

  • Workshop: Low Back Pain Tutorial with Kyle Blackburn

    An overview of what we mean by ‘Low Back Pain’ and the importance of keeping active. Kyle will consider the latest NICE guidelines and research findings and discuss how suitably-adapted Pilates exercises can help us on the journey to becoming pain-free.

    With thanks to Sarah Clennell

    Kyle is ...

  • Shorter Workouts: Healthy Backs with Annie Turner

    In this 1:1 session, Annie focuses on some of the exercises covered in our Healthy Backs programme, designed for clients who suffer from Low Back Pain and back problems.

    With thanks to Dawn Wilton

    Annie's personal experience of the benefits of Pilates inspired her to train as a Pilates t...

  • Shorter Workouts: Healthy Backs - Bring on the Band with Annie Turner

    This is the fourth workout in our 'Healthy Backs' series with Annie Turner.

    In this class, Annie looks at how adding a resistance band to Matwork exercises can provide extra support and challenge to your workout.

    The bands used in this class are medium resistance and 1.8-2m long.

    These exe...

  • Shorter Workout: Healthy Backs - Workout 5: Sitfits with Annie Turner

    In the fifth workout of our 'Healthy Backs' series with Annie, Annie looks at how sitfits (balance cushions) can be introduced to exercise programmes to challenge stability and to provide feedback, thereby improving our strength and proprioception.

    These exercises are specifically designed for c...

  • Tutorial: Facet Joint Arthropathy with Kyle Blackburn

    'Osteoarthrosis is not a disease - it is an expression of the morphological consequences of stresses applied to the facet joints during life. The changes are concentrated in regions subject to the greatest and most repeated stress.'

    In this practical tutorial, Kyle looks at facet joint arthropat...

  • Tutorial: Lumbar Spine Connection and Mobility with Cameron Angus

    In this workshop tutorial, Cameron looks at how we can improve connection and mobility through the lumbar spine, by working on our flexion and extension and gaining true 'core stability'.

    With thanks to Chiara Favaretti

    Cameron is renowned for creating great ways to get people well through...

  • Longer Workout: A Class for your Spine with Paul Howse

    It's time to move your spine with Paul as he takes you through a range of exercises designed to take your spine through a range of movements and planes.

    Paul began practising Pilates in 1999 after sustaining a sports-related injury to his spine. He had previously spent 15 years as an engineer, ...

  • Shorter Workout: Healthy Back Progressions with Melanie Christou

    A huge welcome to Melanie for her debut on Body Control Pilates Central! This short workout will safely challenge and further strengthen anyone who may have experienced back pain in the past, but who is now confident in moving forward and challenging their movement tolerance.

    With thanks to Fr...

  • Longer Workout: Moving from the Hip with Kathy King

    Join Kathy as she takes you through a flowing Matwork class focused on initiating movement of the lower limbs from the hip joint.

    Kathy is a London-based Body Control Pilates teacher. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates teacher training team on both the Matwork Certification Course as w...

  • Tutorial: Creating Space with Cameron Angus

    This session with Cameron looks at how you can help to encourage the feelings of space, power and control in your movement through focusing on the key Pilates principles and the connection between mind and body.

    The idea of creating awareness of how it feels in your body (interoception) to enga...

  • Tutorial: Working with Sciatica with Cameron Angus

    This session with Cameron looks at sciatica - what it is, what it's not, and how Pilates and movement can help manage this common condition in our clients.

    Cameron is renowned for creating great ways to get people well through movement and positive attitude. His extensive clinical, movement t...