Studio Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & More)

Studio Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & More)

The Studio Equipment used in Pilates consists of a number of different pieces of apparatus, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Reformer Tower, WundaChair, Ladder Barrel and Small Barrel/Arc.

Working on the Studio Equipment can provide you with more feedback and more challenge. These videos will show you how to work with various pieces of equipment and will provide ideas and inspiration for your Pilates classes.

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Studio Equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & More)
  • Longer Workout: Intermediate Reformer Class with Sarah-Louise Warden

    This flowing, balanced Reformer workout with Sarah-Louise is aimed at intermediate level clients who have experience of working on the Reformer.

    With thanks to Jacquie Biggs

    Sarah was a dancer in West End shows with credits as a performer, dance captain, resident director and associate d...

  • Shorter Workouts: Reform your Rotation with Katherine Pentecost

    In this Short Workout with Katherine, you will find exercises to encourage more rotation when using the Reformer. The Reformer is an inherently linear machine so these exercises look at breaking that mould and allow more freedom of movement.

    With thanks to Harriet Heath

    Katherine has bee...

  • Masterclass: Open Up the Spine on the Ladder Barrel with Madeline Black

    In this masterclass, Madeline moves through Ladder Barrell sequences with cues designed to stimulate the connection of the feet and hips to the spine. The cueing focuses on the sequential motion of the joints, thereby challenging the trunk in stability and mobility.

    To purchase a Ladder Barre...

  • Longer Workouts: Intermediate Chair Class with Sarah-Louise Warden

    In this workout, Sarah takes you through an intermediate-level, balanced class on this fantastically challenging and supportive piece of Studio equipment.

    With thanks to Jacquie Biggs

    Sarah was a dancer in West End shows with credits as a performer, dance captain, resident director and a...

  • Thorax Motivations on the Pilates Arc with Madeline Black

    This masterclass with Madeline Black uses the Pilates Arc/Small Barrel. Madeline teaches the traditional small barrel movements with a focus on motivating spinal motions from the thorax. You will learn how the combination of length and strength in the movements brings better balance to the trunk....

  • Longer Workouts: Ball & Band Workout with Matt Marney

    In this workout, Matt uses a small ball to help challenge stability and range of movement and a stretch band to add extra resistance and really work those muscles!

    Thanks to Chiara Favaretti & Rachel Bish

    Matt has been a personal trainer since 2003 and has been involved in every aspect o...

  • Masterclass: Progressive Reformer Repertoire – Part 2 with Nathan Gardner

    Following on from the first Reformer class in this series, this second class with Nathan will not only give you a perfectly balanced workout, but will also enhance your understanding of the method behind the exercises. It is a steady-paced class aimed at mixed abilities and includes both innovati...

  • Masterclass: Reformer Tower Class with Hanna Dalsgard

    This short Studio masterclass with Hanna takes you through exercises and teaching watchpoints on the Reformer Tower, an increasingly popular piece of Pilates Studio equipment.


  • Masterclass: Progressive Reformer Repertoire with Nathan Gardner

    A steady-paced class aimed at mixed abilities. This session is packed full with innovative progressions of your favourite Reformer repertoire, blended to give you a perfectly balanced. whole body workout. Enjoy!

    Thanks to Hannah Toy

    Nathan has been teaching Pilates for more than 15 years ...

  • Masterclass: Thorax Motivations on the Reformer with Madeline Black

    This Reformer Masterclass with Madeline focuses on articulating the joints of the spine with a special focus on the thorax. Discover how moving from the thorax deeply engages the core and helps support the lower spine while in motion.

    With thanks to Sarah-Louise Warden

    Madeline Black has...

  • Shorter Workouts: Tower & Ball Class with Hanna Dalsgard

    In this balanced Studio workout, Hanna looks at how the Pilates ball (physio ball) can add variety and fun to a Reformer Tower session.

    With thanks to Kevin Bradford

    Hanna Dalsgard has been teaching Pilates since 1998. Her career in movement began at an early age with gymnastics and danc...

  • Masterclass: WundaChair Workout with Hanna Dalsgard

    In this challenging Chair workout, Hanna will take you through a balanced series of WundaChair exercises and movements that you be used in your Studio Equipment sessions with clients.

    With thanks to Heidi Monsen and Kevin Bradford

    Hanna Dalsgard has been teaching Pilates since 1998. Her ...

  • Masterclass: Supple, Strong & Aligned with the Pilates Arc with Tom McCook

    The Pilates Arc is an amazing tool to develop eccentric strength, flexibility and improve overall body balance.

    In this Arc masterclass with Tom McCook, Tom will teach you how to connect to your centre line, move and condition your spine and body through it’s full range with support and will ...

  • Masterclass: Mobility, Strength & Balance with Tom McCook

    In this deliberate paced Reformer class with Tom McCook, Tom begins with a progression of mobility and loading exercises for the hips, spine and shoulder girdle to prepare the body and enhance alignment and ability. This class focus is to improve muscular balance, proper mechanics, efficiency and...

  • Shorter Workouts: Upper Body Work on the Reformer with Jo Hatherley

    In this 1:1 session, Jo looks at her favourite Reformer exercises that can help improve shoulder stability and thoracic mobility.

    With thanks to Melanie Christou

    Jo trained as a dancer at Northern Ballet School, graduating with several dance teaching qualifications. During her time at ...

  • Shorter Workouts: Co-ordination on the Reformer with Dawn Wilton

    Dawn talks you through the different preparatory exercises and building blocks for working up to perform ‘Co-ordination’ on the Reformer.

    With thanks to Annie Turner

    Prior to becoming a Pilates Teacher Dawn worked in the printing industry. Hours sat at a desk all day left her with poor...

  • Shorter Workouts: Cadillac Tower with Rachel Bish

    Rachel takes you through variations of the popular ‘Cat’ exercise on the Cadillac Tower.

    With thanks to Jacquie Biggs

    In 2002 Rachel was a frustrated People Change Manager working for Royal Mail and struggling with chronic lower back pain. A lunch-time Pilates class inspired her to accep...

  • Shorter Workouts: Movements for Digestive Health - Arc Workout

    This short workout with Rachel looks at how Pilates exercises can help to improve our digestion, by opening out the front of the body and thereby relieving the pressure on our abdominal organs and digestive system.

    This class uses a Pilates Arc/Spine Corrector which can be purchased from Balanc...

  • Short Workout: Hip Work on the Reformer Tower with Rachel Bish

    This short Reformer Tower class with Rachel is designed to wake up and work your hips and to get your spine moving.

    This class uses a Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer Tower available from Balanced Body:

    With t...

  • Masterclass: Reformer to Mat with Sarah-Louise Warden

    In this masterclass, Sarah-Louise looks at how you can transfer exercises which are traditionally performed on the Reformer onto the Mat.

    This class uses a long, medium resistance theraband and a shorter, stronger resistance band.

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia

    Sarah was a dancer in West End...

  • Masterclass: The Vital Breath – Rib and Hip Flow with Jo Hatherley

    This breath awareness masterclass with Jo is based upon concepts and exercises presented in her 'The Vital Breath' workshop. The class focuses predominantly on opening up and gaining more movement through the ribs and the hips, in order to facilitate better breathing patterns.

    The class uses a ...

  • Masterclass: Cadillac to Mat with Sarah-Louise Warden

    In this masterclass, Sarah looks at how you can transfer exercises which are traditionally performed on the Cadillac or Tower onto the Mat with the use of small, portable props (such as a foam roller and resistance band).

    With thanks to Hannah Garcia

    Sarah was a dancer in West End shows with...

  • Shorter Workout: Functional Footwork on the Reformer with Nathan Gardner

    In this short workout, Nathan takes you through a Reformer session which concentrates on functional variations of the traditional footwork exercises.

    The Reformer used in this class is a Balanced Body Allegro 2 - for more details, visit

  • Masterclass: Athletic Reformer Class with Kristi Chaussard

    Not for the faint-hearted...welcome to this Athletic Reformer workout with Kristi!

    This flowing, fast-paced and dynamic class is designed to get your body moving freely and challenge your strength and stamina.

    Kristi is an international Balanced Body Method Certified Pilates Instructor, affi...